Thai Food Restaurant Recipes : How to Cut Chili Peppers for Thai Papaya Salad

0 Thai Food Restaurant Recipes : How to Cut Chili Peppers for Thai Papaya SaladLearn how to cut red hot chili peppers for papaya salad with expert cooking tips in this free Thai cuisine video clip.

Expert: Dina Cutrone
Bio: Chef Dina Cutrone is a natural foods chef and holistic health counselor. She is founder of TALL Order in NYC, offering a unique, healthy approach to cooking, entertaining and living.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Duration : 0:1:20

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  1. Andulvar says:

    I would have to …
    I would have to agree with the people here, if you do not want the heat from the Thai peppers, why use them? i tend to keep half of the seeds to add a bit of bite to my soups.

  2. Shendell8 says:

    All your favorite …
    All your favorite restaurants dishes…their recipes finally revealed! –

  3. KristalHarrison24 says:

    Get the famous …
    Get the famous recipes from all your favorite restaurants and cook them right from home! –

  4. zairt says:

    OMG….if u don’t …
    OMG….if u don’t like the heat of chilli peppers what’s the point in using it wothout seeds.. better not to add any…!


    If you use chiles, …
    If you use chiles, please put them entire! If not use regular peppers!

  6. PVCLime says:

    the hotness in the …
    the hotness in the chilies are not in the bottom and top of the chili. its the departing walls in the fruit that are hot.
    when you cut it like that. some of the hotness goes away I think. have a nice day

  7. sebyjoseph says:

    if u gona de-seed …
    if u gona de-seed ur chlies …then u might as well not use them

  8. sebyjoseph says:

    personally..i think …
    personally..i think if u gona take your seeds of your chilies….might as well not use them…i mean if u want lesser hotness then use lesser amounts of chilies .

  9. philirish says:

    i think its better …
    i think its better to use spoon than nife to take the seed off, for safety only:-)

  10. acurabot says:

    not needed. use a …
    not needed. use a mortar instead.

  11. radiorentalmaniac says:

    what a waste of time
    what a waste of time

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