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Duration : 0:3:8

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  1. rnoka says:

    @chefevanscott dont …
    @chefevanscott dont ask them here:D
    you lazy piece

  2. zeetaf says:

    Look delicious!!
    Look delicious!!

  3. chefevanscott says:

    Coolest restaurant …
    Coolest restaurant in the country, top rated chef in the U.S., Can I please start as your lowliest employee? I would peel onions for 16 hours everyday for three years to be able to work in the same kitchen as Chef Achatz

  4. vovocka06 says:

    Cool Menu, somethin …
    Cool Menu, somethin new for me awesome

  5. wotsac says:

    Good to see some …
    Good to see some sausage in there at 1:01 and 1:24.

  6. yourhaloisslipping says:

    what i would do to …
    what i would do to work in a restaurant like this

  7. garrettface says:

    Man, Grant Achatz …
    Man, Grant Achatz looked like he was about to smack that guy at 0:22

  8. Cialti says:

    The song is …
    The song is Catgroove (Club version) by Parov Stelar. (Thanks, Shazam!)

  9. chitrader says:

    Looks great, too …
    Looks great, too bad I’m allergic to peanuts! Can’t wait for the next iteration of Next!

  10. pebbles1406 says:

    Oh I am so hungry, …
    Oh I am so hungry, I can not wait another hour…

  11. aurayon says:

    2:51 Lol, nice!
    2:51 Lol, nice!

  12. schen168168 says:

    What is the song?
    What is the song?

  13. bamboozledmoment says:

    that’s it. I’m …
    that’s it. I’m going!

  14. Jfly44679999 says:

    MUST.GET. TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  15. BrutalBarbieB says:

    Looks so good;) …
    Looks so good;) Great job as always.

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