Traditional Thai Food at The Local Restaurant in Bangkok

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Within the hustle of modern Thai food, it can be challenging to actually find authentic and traditional Thai food.

In Bangkok, street food though very delicious, is modified so it’s easier to make and quicker to sell. This of course, isn’t bad, and Thai street food is outstanding, but it can be nice to get back to the roots of Thai cuisine and experience a meal that accentuates the passion and the deep flavors that Thai cuisine has become so famous for.

In this video the Eating Thai Food crew heads over to The Local Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand (just off Asoke road) for an unforgettable dining experience.

First off the owner and Chef Cann explains a little about local Thai culinary roots and goes over a number of the traditional dishes that he’s prepared for us to sample.

After that, I finally have an opportunity to taste a few of the delights that he’s cooked.

We began the meal off with an incredible looking appetizer mixed plate known as Ruam Kam Aroy (รวมคำอร่อย). It included a number of different tasting tidbits to eat.

Next was the mixed vegetable dish known as Pad Pak Pun Baan (ผัดผักพื้นบ้าน) which was cooked so it was still crisp and not at all limp or over done. It was a great veggie dish to mix with the other curries and dishes of the meal.

Another delicious item on the menu is the traditional Thai Gaeng Run Juan (แกงรัญจวนเนื้อ). This was my first time to eat it, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite!

Lastly, The Local is especially famous for their Pla Ta Pien Tom Kem (ปลาตะเพียนต้มเค็ม), which is a signature fish slow simmered in sugar cane juice and ginger.

The traditional Thai food meal was fantastic and the entire experience was incredible.

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  1. migrationology says:

    Yes, I love Nahm, …
    Yes, I love Nahm, though I don’t eat it too often as it’s quite fatty, but every now and then I enjoy it. I just visited the northern area of Thailand and ate some fish nahm, nicely sour and full of flavor. It tastes really good with raw garlic and raw chillies as well!

  2. migrationology says:

    It’s a range of …
    It’s a range of traditional royal recipes and some southern Thai dishes as well.

  3. choiklu says:

    I ve seen a video …
    I ve seen a video on youtube awhile back about “bizzard food” from food channel, about a special Thai traditional food. if memory served I think its call Nem or Nam, basically its fermented pork meat. Have you heard of this or taste it yet ??

  4. choiklu says:

    every country have …
    every country have regional foods, what would you or the Chef’s owner categorize this restaurant specialties as, specifically the regions of Thailand, north, south ??

  5. migrationology says:

    I’d say, probably …
    I’d say, probably 1,500 – 2,500 Thai Baht – around $45 – $65 for 4 people. $10 – $15 per person and more with drinks.

  6. migrationology says:

    Hey, thanks for …
    Hey, thanks for watching, actually if you click the link below the video, I’ve got all the information about The Local in an article. It’s a great restaurant!

  7. choiklu says:

    what is your …
    what is your estimate of a 4 person meal dinning on whats in the video ? Thanks

  8. choiklu says:

    another awesome …
    another awesome video, could you post the address to this restaurant, its a must visit for me when I get there next June. thanks

  9. migrationology says:

    No, I’m American, …
    No, I’m American, but 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 German – so some think I’m 1/2 Thai!

  10. leavelin says:

    are you thai????
    are you thai????

  11. migrationology says:

    Haha! I can assure …
    Haha! I can assure you, we got to chow down after the filming! Thank you so much for watching my video, I appreciate the support!

  12. smythe62 says:

    You looked so …
    You looked so excited and so ready to chow down….then he puts that tiny piece of meat on your plate …LOL I hope you really got to eat the food after you finished filming ….Love your video’s and very well done. Thanks for posting !!!!!

  13. NinjaPWN147 says:

    That made me so …
    That made me so hungry

  14. Tangmo Tima says:

    I live in …
    I live in California for 10 years and yes I ‘m a good cook. haha
    today I have mango with sticky rice and ขนมจีนน้ำยาปลาช่อน rice noodles with fish curry . It ‘s really good.

  15. migrationology says:

    It’s quite a new …
    It’s quite a new restaurant, but really good and traditional Thai food!

  16. migrationology says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for watching!

  17. migrationology says:

    You’re welcome, …
    You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed this video and hope you don’t miss Thailand too much! Where are you living now? Can you cook good Thai food?

  18. Tangmo Tima says:

    I am Thai Thank …
    I am Thai Thank you so much you make me miss my home.and Thai foods^_^

  19. Lehtosenkanava says:

    Looked delicious! 
    Looked delicious! 

  20. angizeigto says:

    yeah he should!
    yeah he should!

  21. sarabapa says:

    seriously i never …
    seriously i never had it even i live in BKK.

  22. migrationology says:

    Thank you, I …
    Thank you, I appreciate your kind comment!

  23. migrationology says:

    Sorry, didn’t …
    Sorry, didn’t include the address info, but I just switched out the link directly underneath the video which includes an article with all the information about The Local and a map as well. Thank you for watching!

  24. TheMedina77 says:

    Mark, you should …
    Mark, you should have a tv show on the Travel Channel….you have the skills no doubt :D

  25. rostant999 says:

    would be nice if …
    would be nice if you gave the address contact info, maybe i missed it but i looked and not front and center.

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