“Da Nang and China Beach” Wonnie’s photos around Da Nang, Vietnam (restaurant china beach danang)

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Entry from: Da Nang, Vietnam
Entry Title: “Da Nang and China Beach”


“We caught a flight from Ho Chi Minh City this morning to Da Nang which is a port city in central Vietnam. We drove a short distance to China Beach which was really beautiful. This was where the soldiers hung out during the war for R & R. The water was rough and the sand was gorgeous. We then went to Marble Mountain which was a village surrounded by 5 mountains of marble where all the villagers carve everything out of marble, statues big and small. Truly artists but the entire family are part of the business. We met a young girl who runs the front of her shop selling and her father and brother actually carve the marble in the back while her sisters polish the marble wares they make. And all 3 generations of her family live above the shop which is very common. We headed to our resort which is very beautiful, lush green gardens and a great pool. Went to a local restaurant for dinner where we were served a whole fish with the head and EYES!! But fear not, there was plenty of local beer to wash it down.”
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Photos from this trip:
1. “Sam, John, Karole, and Josh on China Beach”
2. “China Beach”
3. “Lifeguard station on China Beach”
4. “Pagoda on Marble Mountain”
5. “Rice paddies in Da Nang”
6. “Planting rice”
7. “Fishing off the back of a buffalo”
8. “Communist party gathering”
9. “Grounds at our resort”
10. “Our pool”

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