How To Make Vietnamese Salad Rolls

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FYI: Salad rolls, spring rolls… who cares.. this is good! Also, we are not Vietnamese… we are just making the viet version of this because it’s more popular. Sometimes, I like using steamed Tilapia fish instead of shrimp and pork. SO GOOD! Anything goes!


There are many variations of this roll. Most Countries in Southeast Asia enjoy this little snack. Today my sis and I are making the Vietnamese salad rolls which are the ones you often find in Vietnamese restaurants. Feel free to substitute or omit certain ingredients. You can add anything in your roll!

I gotta go.. will update with ingredients and recipe for peanut sauce and fish sauce later. icon smile How To Make Vietnamese Salad Rolls

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  1. TeddyBear3603 says:

    My family and I are …
    My family and I are Vietnamese so we eat this all the time

  2. CrazzyDaisyGrl113 says:

    My family makes …
    My family makes these occasionally! They’re sooooooo good!!!!!

  3. skyscraperman99 says:

    Good video!
    Good video!

  4. jenniferloverice says:

    my mouth is …
    my mouth is watering *-*

  5. Ms123beauty says:

    Love the vid !!so …
    Love the vid !!so gunna try this

  6. TheFattyatheart says:

    How healthy are …
    How healthy are these? I eat A TON. like 4 or 5… but i don’t put meat in… just lots of veggies…

  7. jhnguy says:

    OMG! My dad makes …
    OMG! My dad makes these!! Except we call them Spring Rolls!!( :

  8. TheMay1010 says:

    wow ive been …
    wow ive been watching you guys for so long but i dontno whoes older/

  9. BebeSissy says:

    Love you both <3
    Love you both <3

  10. FragileLilPenguin says:

    Omg. I LOVE those. …
    Omg. I LOVE those. Especially whem my grandma makes them(:

  11. LittleMissRainboww says:

    Nee and Sam u to r …
    Nee and Sam u to r so funny and cutee!!!!!!

  12. DomoFantasy says:

    Lol i love those. …
    Lol i love those. YUMMM

  13. applejuicecanada says:

    Grrrreat video thx!
    Grrrreat video thx!

  14. VietKaylee says:

    Spring …
    Spring roooolllllssss :3

  15. theetheerocks says:

    hahahah “or prawns …
    hahahah “or prawns if you feel ballin’… but we dont”

  16. SantinaSaechao says:

    I love spring …
    I love spring rolls with mae ploy(sweet chili sauce) w/ peanuts and lime.

  17. dajaoliver2222 says:

    @Musique4DaSoul …
    @Musique4DaSoul ooh pho!! yummyyy!!!!

  18. missdelicacyxx says:

    My grandma and me …
    My grandma and me made this! It was so fun… She taught me when I was 8 and we’ve been making it since! Me and my family are also Vietnamese but not as pretty as you!

  19. Musique4DaSoul says:

    i Love viet …
    i Love viet food.watchin this makes me crave some viet spring rolls,egg rolls, and pho. haha

  20. OMGItNhungDX says:

    i love this <3 !!
    i love this <3 !!

  21. BeautyBunches says:

    I’m In love with …
    I’m In love with these!!! So
    gooD!! i miss eating these Now!!

  22. xXEmotionalxKillerXx says:

    Looks soooo yummy!
    Looks soooo yummy!

  23. bornwithitbeauty says:

    omg i want these …
    omg i want these for dinner haha its so healthy
    but im having a burger&fries LOL

  24. MZkanona says:

    my fav with pho
    my fav with pho

  25. iBubbleTeaa says:


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