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0 OpenRice TV | Celebrity Chef Luke NguyenThanks to StarHub’s Hubalicious Food Festival 2010, OpenRIce got hold of celebrity chefs featured in the various food and lifestyle programmes on BBC Lifestyle, Asian Food Channel, Discovery Travel & Living as well as the new Food Network Asia.

To kick start, we have Luke Nguyen on video! Luke Nguyen is the chef and owner of the award-winning Vietnamese restaurant, red lantern, and is the author of the bestselling book, secrets of the red lantern and songs of sapa. In his spare time, Luke hosts 13-day culinary discovery trips to Vietnam. He’s a real charmer on set with witty, engaging answers. More of Luke Nguyen at

Duration : 0:3:37

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  1. mamasanlzn says:

    I didn’t understand …
    I didn’t understand one word she said.

  2. dombarca97 says:

    @Jachrael hes going …
    @Jachrael hes going to china & Thailand and a few other places in a few months time

  3. MrLifesstyle says:

    Love you, Luke!
    Love you, Luke!

  4. kangsas says:

    @Jachrael Hes …
    @Jachrael Hes having series 2 probably in a few months – hes finished filming it 2 months ago

  5. traciethao84 says:

    fish sauce!! i knew …
    fish sauce!! i knew it!! lols..

  6. Jachrael says:

    I LOVE Luke …
    I LOVE Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam. When is he going to do another series?

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