Pho – How to make Vietnamese Soup, start to finish

0 Pho   How to make Vietnamese Soup, start to finishThe best pho recipe in easy-to-follow instructions. Astound your family, open a pho restaurant – this recipe will be the key to your success. Men return through the gate by which they came from its hot caress on their tongues. Immortals have eaten this and died with pleasure. Its fragrance has given animals the power of speech. Drops of this broth sprinkled on their leaves have caused plants to pick up their roots and walk. Sounds like a miracle in a pot because it is splendiferous magic.

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  1. Owen Chang says:

    “Mmm…leg.” 1:32 …
    “Mmm…leg.” 1:32 lol

  2. vimax52 says:

    MSG!!!!! poison
    MSG!!!!! poison

  3. cecycrown says:

    Im going to try …
    Im going to try this, i love Pho but never thought of making it myself, thanks for this video; )

  4. EBERARDOI says:

    Dam my mouth …
    Dam my mouth watered so bad when u took that taste of meat n noddles mmmmmmmm

  5. tiara schiavo says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for this video it is very helpful i had a general idea of how to make this but putting the ingredients in the pot really helped me out. this is probably the best video on how to make pho!! thanks again.

  6. CescoPisicoli says:

    ty for this mate!

    ty for this mate!

    greetings from a italian boy.

  7. DoyleCapone says:

    Pho’k.. this looks …
    Pho’k.. this looks great!!

  8. ninacX0X0 says:

    This is a great …
    This is a great video! I love how organized you are. Can’t wait to try this. Can you make a video on how you make Pad Thai with the extra noodles? I’d love to see some more videos from you!

  9. jonathanNYC1 says:

    Good Lord that …
    Good Lord that looks slammin!

    I can’t wait to hit up my Local Brooklyn grocery to get the spices. do chinese stores (grocery) carry the spices that you describe?

  10. MagdalenRoma says:

    This is chicken or …
    This is chicken or beef pho?
    I am confused. Why did he add chicken flavor to beef broth?

  11. jenniferxxneji says:

    thanks :D ! I just …
    thanks :D ! I just realized that i have this in my kitchen >.>

  12. rockee06 says:

    chicken bouillon, …
    chicken bouillon, basically dehydrated chicken broth.

  13. rockee06 says:

    That becomes …
    That becomes garbage. Cause its bitter.

  14. zoolzool1 says:

    May I ask why in …
    May I ask why in Vietnam no garnish is given with pho? I always wondered about that.

  15. GabRoy1000 says:

    People dont trust …
    People dont trust those scumbag viets and dont eat their food (pho), you could get severe kidney diseases, cholera or hepatitis.

  16. GWMcLintock86 says:

    thank you for this …
    thank you for this video! im excited about making my second batch of pho. =)

  17. monalisasarin says:

    Great directions. …
    Great directions. I’m going to make some. Are rice noodles starchy? I’m trying to lose weight.

  18. jenniferxxneji says:

    What was that spice …
    What was that spice on 5:35?? chicken buyong or muyon???

  19. kelRapunzel says:

    thank you:)
    thank you:)

  20. SupremeScream says:

    Is that liquorice …
    Is that liquorice root you are using?

  21. XxJessica2oo5 says:

    @bamcalpoly i know …
    @bamcalpoly i know i thought that too! i was like wtf? LOL

  22. xohbabyx15 says:

    :D D
    :D D

  23. bamcalpoly says:

    haha ” haha we can …
    haha ” haha we can have a perfect fuck” haha you made me laugh so hard hha u there made my day thank u

  24. kirkirilouda says:

    Great Video! First …
    Great Video! First thing is that the cameraman needs to learn how to work the zoom feature on the camera, and zoom in a little bit man, common! Its the basics, you need to show the ingredients, the cutting processes, etc., at close up and then zoom out to full frame when he is talking…..

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