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Reptile News: Vietnamese eating undiscovered lizards

0 Reptile News: Vietnamese eating undiscovered lizardsYour Daily Reptile and Amphibian News for Tuesday November 9th, 2010

Python’s owner thrilled to have snakes back

New Self-Cloning Lizard Found in Vietnam Restaurant

Crocodile in ditch causes panic

Regulatory contacts for SB PV Preservation

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  1. NAVESHandNGYUYENpink says:

    yum yummy ^^
    yum yummy ^^

  2. BrittanyNicole1990 says:

    @ …
    @Joysquigglesparkles stfu

  3. Joysquigglesparkles says:

    @BrittanyNicole1990 …
    @BrittanyNicole1990 Snails are yummy. BITCH

  4. reptile411 says:

    @iluvskinnyboys …
    @iluvskinnyboys shame shame

  5. iluvskinnyboys says:

    I’ve been following …
    I’ve been following your wrong account. Anyways, is there any news about glass lizards. Cuz I hadn’t heard of them till today and I’m intrigued. haha

  6. BrittanyNicole1990 says:

    @reptile411 prolly …
    @reptile411 prolly lol

  7. reptile411 says:

    @BrittanyNicole1990 …
    @BrittanyNicole1990 They also break every game law in the U.S. LOL:)

  8. BrittanyNicole1990 says:

    @reptile411 i don’t …
    @reptile411 i don’t care if it was racist. they are weird and eat lizards xD LoL just like the french who eat snails

  9. reptile411 says:

    @BrittanyNicole1990 …
    @BrittanyNicole1990 Hey that’s a racist remark lol. I have been brain storming all day long on how to schedule things and I may just take 2 days per week off. I dont know yet but one idea is to just update the site daily then do one show per week of the best stories that week, maybe every Friday. Any comments?

  10. BrittanyNicole1990 says:

    Vietnamese are …
    Vietnamese are weird … if you want to add another day thats up to youu ;P

  11. reptile411 says:

    @lexxielightning …
    @lexxielightning LOL I am the same way. The 4 days per week that I am not filming I want to SOOOO bad lol. I just dont want to outwear my welcome with the viewers by being to much of a post whore.

  12. lexxielightning says:

    Yes, please do add …
    Yes, please do add another day or two. What am I supposed to do on the weekend when my snakes are digesting? (Yeah, my social life is that exhilerating)

  13. reptile411 says:

    @XXMADOGREXX Thats …
    @XXMADOGREXX Thats been my worry, to much can turn people off. After all some people may check YT once per month and if they had 100 videos of my face looking at them they would be gone lol

  14. XXMADOGREXX says:

    I think what you do …
    I think what you do is great, I think adding more might be to much.

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