Vietnam Food Travel Adventure Without Borders

0 Vietnam Food Travel Adventure Without BordersThis is fully self funded short trailer for a cooking series called Without Borders, where three chefs travel Asia and learn to cook local specialties, as well as eating some pretty interesting ..ummm delicacies, while immersing themselves in their culture.

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  1. Laura Vet says:

    Must have been an …
    Must have been an awesome experience.
    Great choice of music that truly enhances the video.

  2. Kat Pack says:

    what kind of camera …
    what kind of camera did you use?

  3. thaomb says:

    cute video. i love …
    cute video. i love the scene when you were helping the old lady :)

  4. asianutuber says:

    u guys are have …
    u guys are have awesome vids.

  5. MrGiautran says:

    Its cool how these …
    Its cool how these guy seem so adventurist. Keep it up guys!

  6. MrGiautran says:

    Its cool how these …
    Its cool how these guys seem so adventurist. Keep it up guys!

  7. MrGiautran says:

    Its cool how these …
    Its cool how these guys seem so adventurist.

  8. Winston Lam says:

    nice vid, im going …
    nice vid, im going back to vietnam in July 2011, so excited !

  9. kikio1124 says:

    Love the videos, I …
    Love the videos, I am going to Vietnam some time in June any suggestions for good food in Saigon and Danang. Thank you

  10. Trang Huynh says:

    Welcome to …
    Welcome to Vietnammmmmmmm!!!

  11. Don123q says:

    why must you guys …
    why must you guys show all the gross food of Vietnam? lol

  12. popos22 says:

    i just came back …
    i just came back from vietnam and this video makes me wanna go back and do it all over again thumbs up!

  13. krazajenny says:

    You guys inspire …
    You guys inspire me.

  14. DuyAnh1 says:

    may ngu ah? con …
    may ngu ah? con luon giet roi no’ van cu dong duoc… no’ giong con ran

  15. DuyAnh1 says:

    guud video ;D
    guud video ;D

  16. lucirz says:

    man going down …
    man going down those tunnels, i would go crazy

  17. Linh Phùng says:

    Nhìn con lươn bị …
    Nhìn con lươn bị nướng sống thương quá, sao không giết đi ròi hãy nướng? Thật dã man…..

  18. CaSsYaNdRa1 says:

    Ah yeah i bet you …
    Ah yeah i bet you would! loOks like you guys have such an awesum time… an experience never to be forgotten! Nd yes thank you, im doing well :) x x

  19. Lyndon Wiebe says:

    Thanks Cassie! It …
    Thanks Cassie! It was a blast! I would love to do it again as well! Hope you are good!

  20. okayq says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing this video. You guys are very open minded to all things. Your parents raised you guys very well.

  21. CaSsYaNdRa1 says:

    Ah wow!!! Amazing …
    Ah wow!!! Amazing job guys! What an AWESUM experiece :) i would LOVE to do something like that one day…!

  22. Lyndon Wiebe says:

    Thanks a lot. Your …
    Thanks a lot. Your comment is awesome, and we are glad that are videos have inspired you to travel and experience! We have another Vietnam vid coming out in the next few days…stay tuned

  23. afry2146 says:

    I love you guys! I …
    I love you guys! I totally admire what you are doing and I thank you for taking me on a culinary experience that one day I hope to do myself. It’s wicked.

  24. Lyndon Wiebe says:

    A deadly Cobra! lol
    A deadly Cobra! lol

  25. Lyndon Wiebe says:


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