Vietnamese Food – Broken Rice with Pork and Eggs – Day Nau An Com Tam Thit Bi Trung

0 Vietnamese Food   Broken Rice with Pork and Eggs   Day Nau An Com Tam Thit Bi TrungCơm Tấm Bì Sườn Trứng – This is one of my favorite dishes. Broken rice with pork, shredded pork skin and eggs. People are more familiar with fried rice as an Asian dish, but the Vietnamese have this special dish called Com Tam Thit Bi Trung, which is broken rice with pork, shredded pork skin and egg, served with fish sauce. There are many styles of rice dishes in Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai but this dish is uniquely Vietnamese and has its own unique style and taste. I hope you like this video. Enjoy.

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Duration : 0:4:37

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  1. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you. We …
    Thank you. We love it too, the broken rice is very unique. Thanks again for viewing.

  2. Sleepyhead0315 says:

    Omg, this is one of …
    Omg, this is one of my favourite dish! Great video by the way!

  3. mickeylehuynh says:

    That is nice of you …
    That is nice of you, but I do not have cooking class in Viet Nam. I live in the US. Be sure to visit Lila at AsianCookingmadeEasy, she has a lot of wonderful cooking videos.

  4. naciholidays says:

    hello! do you have …
    hello! do you have cooking class in Việt Nam?

  5. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your comment. :-) ) Have a nice day.

  6. BigVietMike says:

    I love your video. …
    I love your video. Your dish looks fantastic :)

  7. mickeylehuynh says:

    Cảm ơn Hac Nhỏ nhé.
    Cảm ơn Hac Nhỏ nhé.

  8. hacnholuv says:

    i like this
    i like this

  9. mickeylehuynh says:

    Lila, I often …
    Lila, I often prepare meat after shopping. Since everything is out I want to prepare before putting them in the refrigerator. We also buy a lot from Costco in bulk so I usually put the meat in small packages before in the refrigerator.

  10. AsianCookingmadeEasy says:

    This looks …
    This looks delicious! And I love your idea of marinating the meat after shopping and then freezing it – I’ll have to try that – thank you :)

  11. saturnfiverocket says:

    makes me hungry …
    makes me hungry and ive just had dinner

  12. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you Depaul. …
    Thank you Depaul. I feel good knowing you tried my recipes. Fast, easy and delicious is my goal, from food to fashion:))

  13. mickeylehuynh says:

     Thank you:)
     Thank you:)

  14. MrEZCooking says:

    That looks so …
    That looks so delicious Mickey! I love shredded pork skin! The whole meal looks wonderful!

  15. depaull says:

    C.Vân Anh,
    Rất cám …

    C.Vân Anh,
    Rất cám ơn chị for sharing your cooking videos .
    So far I have tried most of your recipes. It is fast, easy, and delicious .
    Again, Million Thanks from me to you .

  16. mickeylehuynh says:

    I mix the powder to …
    I mix the powder to the shredded pork skin.  Shredded skin is clear and chewy. Adding powder will give it color, texture and flavor. Glad you like my cooking.

  17. mickeylehuynh says:

    It is one of my …
    It is one of my favorite dishes. The broken rice has a unique taste, really good.

  18. kingemerald1 says:

    holy smoke, that’s …
    holy smoke, that’s look so good. I’ll be on a mission real soon,lol. excellent Mickey.

  19. jerseystitch says:

    I love your cooking …
    I love your cooking videos.
    What is rice powder for? Do you think rice powder might help make a good crispy coating for fried meat?
    Fried pork is so unhealthy, but nothing on this planet tastes quite as good. Except for maybe Missouri raindrops.

  20. mickeylehuynh says:

    Cảm ơn anh Giao. …
    Cảm ơn anh Giao. Chúc anh luôn vui, khỏe nha.

  21. dangnhongiao says:

    Đi dạy học về tới …
    Đi dạy học về tới nhà thấy cái video cua VA là đói bụng quá trời,xem xong chạy xuống bếp lo cái bao tử liền,cám ơn vì video hay!

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