Vietnamese Food How to Make Mustard Green Pickles – Day Nau An Cai Chua

0 Vietnamese Food How to Make Mustard Green Pickles   Day Nau An Cai ChuaHere I am with my second videos in English. Thank you for the encouragement. Of course, I had to include some Vietnamese here too. This video to teach how to make mustard green pickles. This is a very popular side dish from South Vietnam. It’s a simple dish but not easy to make. Sweet and sour and most importantly, crunchy. If you follow the exact instructions and recipe, you will succeed. Good luck and thank you as always for your support.

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  1. mickeylehuynh says:

    I hear some people …
    I hear some people make soup with picked mustard green, with either beef or fish. I have not done it, but I have seen it. Thank you for viewing.


    Is there any soup …
    Is there any soup or dish in which it is used pickled mustard? Please and thank you for the recipe. I love Vietnam cusine. Sorry for my English I am from Czech republic. You’re a great

  3. NAL2010 says:

    Mustard green la …
    Mustard green la cai be xanh do’ ban, kg phai dau mustard dau. :)

  4. mickeylehuynh says:

    Nice to hear that …
    Nice to hear that skboopalms…. thank you so much for viewing. Happy Holidays.

  5. skboopalms says:

    Hi, thanks a lot. I …
    Hi, thanks a lot. I used your method to make salted/pickled vegetables with daikon greens. It turns out really good. Cheers,

  6. pineapleandsalt says:

    Hi , cam on chi …
    Hi , cam on chi posted cong thuc lam dua cai nhung neu minh muon lam dua cai de nau canh thi phai lam sao ? cam on

  7. mickeylehuynh says:

    Hi Tammy, on …
    Hi Tammy, on average you should leave it out 2 days before refrigerate. Depending on your preference. If you want it more sour, you can leave it out longer, up to 3 days. Or you can leave it out less than 2 days if you want it less sour. I find 2 days fits my personal taste preference. Once you put it in the refrigerator, the taste should remain the same.

  8. Tammy Lynn says:

    thank you so much …
    thank you so much for the great instruction from the video. I love this and have always wanted to learn how to make it. Great video …. keep up the good work.
    Could you please let me know if I needed to have it sit out for 2 days before refrigerate or I can refrigerate after it cool down?

  9. hoavanta2 says:

    o viet nam khong …
    o viet nam khong cho mustard vao dua muoi :H cai nay kieu ben nuoc ngoai an do ec

  10. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for viewing.

  11. naciholidays says:

    very clean!

    very clean!


  12. mickeylehuynh says:

    Cam on damonvu. …
    Cam on damonvu. Thank you so much.

  13. damonvu says:

    Ca’m on Co for …
    Ca’m on Co for uploading the video. The instructions are very clear. And continue speaking English. Don’t let the haters stop you. They don’t like it, they can go make their own video.

  14. mickeylehuynh says:

    Cảm ơn bạn đã …
    Cảm ơn bạn đã comment. Chúc bạn một ngày vui với bé Nhu Y và gia đình nhé.

  15. thanhphan40 says:

    CAm on rat nhieu . …
    CAm on rat nhieu . Dua cai chua minh lam theo cach nay rat la ngon.

  16. mickeylehuynh says:

    Cảm ơn bạn đã …
    Cảm ơn bạn đã comment.

  17. Maochechdong says:

    Lam cach nay ngon …
    Lam cach nay ngon hon dua cai cua Tau nhieu.

  18. mickeylehuynh says:

     Thank you for …
     Thank you for viewing. I appreciate your nice comment.

  19. oscarmolof1 says:

    That was a great …
    That was a great video! I appreciate your putting it out there and being so thorough! Very delicious outcome!!!

  20. mickeylehuynh says:

    That is nice of you …
    That is nice of you to say. Happy Lunar New Year to you.

  21. buutich1 says:

    Thank you. I …
    Thank you. I enjoyed watching this video and will make this pickle tomorrow.
    As for your English … it is very good and do not be discouraged by others. I wish I could speak Vietnamese that well. Cam on, co. :)

  22. mickeylehuynh says:

    My English is not …
    My English is not very good. I speak English sometimes to show my appreciation for English Speaking friends and viewers on youtube. Also a great way for me to practice my English. I’m trying, but sorry you think it’s weird. I appreciate you viewing the video.

  23. DragonFruitsTv says:

    How come you don’t …
    How come you don’t speak Vietnamese . Its better for you to speak Vietnamese . With English sounds weird . Like 7or 8 hour . You need S

  24. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your the nice comment. How sweet or sour is depending on personal preference. The most important is the crunch, I think. Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again for watching my video.

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