Vietnamese Food Pho Pork Broth for Noodles – Day Nau An Nuoc Lèo Hu Tieu

0 Vietnamese Food Pho Pork Broth for Noodles    Day Nau An Nuoc Lèo Hu TieuMaking broth nuong leo for hu tieu, which is similar to vietnamese pho. This is my first video in English. Please excuse my English skills, it is not very good. I write in English using Google translate and help from friends, but I do not speak very well. Please forgive me. This video to teach how to make pork broth, usually used in soup or noodle in Asian cook. Also with Vietnamese pho, but for pho, the ingredient for broth is different, usually with beef or chicken, instead of pork. It is more used for hu tieu or Chinese pan noodles, which a long thin white rice noodle, looking similar to pho, but taste a bit different. Hu tieu is often served with pork and not beef.

Vietnamese girl Van Anh can cook show, day nau an will show you how to make pork broth for soup, noodle or pho. A simple and fun home cooking show of pork broth. Viet Nam Vietnamese cooking Real Vietnamese
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  1. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your nice comment. Many people do add msg to broth, especially restaurants. I personally do not use msg.

  2. Oliffin says:

    good video, thanks. …
    good video, thanks. i’m french and i can understand your english perfectly.
    should one add some msg in the broth afterwards for more flavour ?

  3. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your nice comment. I appreciate you viewing my video.

  4. juddreinman says:

    Such a nice lady …
    Such a nice lady and so sweet to apologize for her English-
    I think your English is very good and your pork broth is very authentic and delicious.
    Thank you very much!

  5. godlycookie0 says:

    Ca ri nom nom
    Ca ri nom nom

  6. godlycookie0 says:

    Pho u use beef for …
    Pho u use beef for good taste (I’m Vietnam)

  7. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the sweet comment. I appreciate it.

  8. Balduizm says:

    Merci de Montréal! …
    Merci de Montréal! Your vidéo was perfect. Thanks again!

  9. mickeylehuynh says:

    Yes for this, I use …
    Yes for this, I use pork which is good for “hu tieu”, a dish similar to pho. For pho, most people will use beef.

  10. JRxREplay says:

    you said pork …
    you said pork bones????

  11. julieahh85 says:

    great video! …
    great video! making it right now!

  12. azzajun1 says:


  13. hghiggs says:

    There is no need …
    There is no need to excuse your English, thank you for this recipe. this is what youtibe was built for. Now i can make good pho!

  14. mickeylehuynh says:

    Very nice of you. …
    Very nice of you. I appreciate your encouragement.

  15. SvennJohansen says:

    Great recipe, good …
    Great recipe, good details. Don’t worry about your English, it’s great and works well for an instructional video.

  16. mickeylehuynh says:

    Some people use the …
    Some people use the meat to make other things. For me, I do not use it at all, because all the favors from meat came out in the water, so the meat is almost tasteless.

  17. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  18. mickeylehuynh says:

     Thank you.
     Thank you.

  19. ashsilos87 says:

    What do you do with …
    What do you do with the meat when you’re done making the broth? Does it go to trash? Or do u make something else?

  20. xcites says:

    great recipe. keep …
    great recipe. keep up the good work!

  21. mickeylehuynh says:

    It is my mistake. …
    It is my mistake. We use beef broth for beef pho, and chicken broth for chicken pho. My use of the word “pho” in this video is not accurate. This broth is for soup (eaten with rice) or use with “hu tieu” or “pan noodles”, which is a long thin white rice noodle that looks like pho, but tastes different. “Hu tieu” is served with broth similar to pho, but is not with beef, but with pork. Thank you so much for viewing my video.

  22. riantyw says:

    My question is: Is …
    My question is: Is all vietnamese pho using pork broth, even though the pho contains no pork and only beef?
    Your English is very clear. As long as people understand, don’t worry about the accent.

  23. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you so much. …
    Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind comment.

  24. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the encouragement. I will try… or at least make sure my videos have English subtitles. Thank you again for viewing.

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