Vietnamese Food Shrimp Noodle Soup – Day Nau An Mi Tom Thit

0 Vietnamese Food Shrimp Noodle Soup   Day Nau An Mi Tom ThitMì Tôm Thịt – This video to teach how to make Vietnamese shrimp noodle soup known as mi tom thit in Vietnamese. A really simple yet tasty dish. This very traditionally Vietnamese dish can serve as a wonderful for you at anytime of the day. Please enjoy this video, I hope that you’ll find it helpful. The ingredient for broth is usually with beef, pork or chicken. The particular broth in the video is chicken.

Van Can Cook.

Mi Tom Thit nha bep kitchen

Duration : 0:3:17


  1. mickeylehuynh says:

    @dangnhongiao, Ở …
    @dangnhongiao, Ở VN, chỉ ra đầu ngõ là có ngay tô mì liền. Còn ở Mỹ là phải nấu tại nhà, còn không phải chạy xe nửa tiếng mới có tiệm để ăn đó. Van Anh chưa thấy anh Thảo “đẹp trai” hồi âm :-) )

  2. dangnhongiao says:

    Vào cái video này …
    Vào cái video này nghe đói bụng lắm Vân Anh,không ngờ VA có quá nhiều tài như vậy, VA gặp anh Thảo đẹp trai chưa vậy!?

  3. mickeylehuynh says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for viewing. The recipe is listed at the end of the video. You can use different type of meat, but we like to use pork shoulders. Good luck with your cooking.

  4. Jimmy Tang says:

    Looks good. I will …
    Looks good. I will have to try it. Can you please post up the recipe with your videos so us beginners know what type of meat we need to buy?

  5. mickeylehuynh says:

    haha, you are …
    haha, you are funny. Thank you for watching my video… at 3AM:))

  6. mickeylehuynh says:

    The chilli is in …
    The chilli is in vinegar, tastes a little like Mexican jalapeno. The kind I use is not too hot. You can use other chilli or pepper if you like spicy hot. Noodle I use is typical Asian noodle, you can see the name and package in my other video “Mi Xao Thap Cam”. Thank you for viewing.

  7. AsianCookingmadeEasy says:

    This looks so warm …
    This looks so warm and delicious! :)

  8. jerseystitch says:

    You are so …
    You are so pretty! What kind of chilli slices are they, and are they hot?
    What kind of noodles do you use? Is the fish sauce Nam Pla’?

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